Culture War

You are at war today.  You may not feel like it, but the truth is constantly under attack.  The attackers are able to redefine the terms of battle though by changing the words used… instead of equality, we get inequality; instead of fairness, we get unfairness.  The end result of political correctness and progressivism is at hand in that it becomes ever more difficult to express traditional ideals when the nontraditional terminology is forced down our throats.

George Orwell once expressed in his novel 1984 that it was possible to eliminate dissent by eliminating the words with which to voice dissent.  While I suspect we are still far from this scenario, the groundwork is being laid every day by our academia, our media, our politicians, and our national leaders.  Those that dare speak the truth are chastised and minimized in perfect Alinsky fashion.

There is just one problem that these people must hate is how difficult it is to extinguish the truth.  As with freedom, all the truth needs is oxygen and it will burst forth into brilliant flame. It will illuminate the darkness wherever it catches and spreads as if fueled by some unseen force.

Isn’t it funny how similar that sounds to the Truth of Christ?

Set your brushfires.  Continue to ignite the truth and the Truth everywhere that you go.  The world is hungry for it and will burst into flame.

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