Have you ever felt something so intense that you knew your life would never be the same again?

Most people experience few true revelations in their lifetime, but one of the largest is having your first child.  A child is a blessing in so many ways that it would take far too long to list.

When I get home from work my oldest son, who is rapidly approaching four years old, charges across the house to me.  He is so excited to see me that he runs right into my legs every time and just holds on like I’ve been gone for months. I am even starting to see this behavior from my youngest son who is only eleven months old.  The pure intensity of this adoration is mind-blowing for me.

(Courtesy: Suzi Eszterhas)

I never really “got” what Christ meant when he told the disciples in Matthew to let the children come to Him.  I understood with my head, but in never found it’s way to my heart until I got to experience it firsthand myself as a father.

The entire essence of God is love.  Pure, unadulterated love.  As humans, we can love with ulterior motives, impure hearts, and insincerely, but God is incapable of those things because of His holiness.  Christ was relishing the pure, unadulterated love that the children were showering Him with at that moment and it was the closest thing to being reunited corporally with the triune Godhead.

When me children charge at me when I get home, it’s not out of malice, fear, jealousy, or any other ulterior motive or impure thought.  It is pure.  It is so pure that I consider it an intense outpouring of love.  If it washes over me with such intensity, how dare I give any less to my Father?

Be intense.

(Courtesy: Suzi Eszterhas)

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