There are a multitude of things in life to divert attention. Sports, television, movies, music, art, hobbies, and the like.  The world bombards us with those various diversions and while some are wholesome, and some are degenerate, they are all diversions.

One of my personal favorites is a video game that has quite a following around the world called Halo. The game itself was an instant hit and has spawned numerous sequels, books, toys, parodies, and other such distractions.  Whether you like these games or not, you cannot discount how popular they have become.  The game itself helped drive forward a style of game that has become incredibly popular with the likes of Gears of War, Call of Duty, the many Battlefield iterations, and many more.

(Those of you tuning in to hear a culturally significant discussion or a political angle, bide your time, I’m getting there.)

Video games as a whole provide an interesting lens to view the world.  They can amplify reality and allow a conduit to the inner working of our true self.  If you believe that we are made in the image of God, than we share a great number of traits with Him.

Games like SimCity, the Sims, Black and White, Age of Empires, the Civilization series, etc appeal to our creative side.  God created the entire universe, and we share a desire to create majestic things just as He did.  These games in particular appeal to that side and allow us to imagine using the power of God to create.

Now those particular types of games are just one subset of the whole.  There are other games that are just pointless and complete wastes of time with a null to less than a null effect on your mind.  For example, the various instances of Leisure Suit Larry or Mortal Kombat.  These games have no redeeming quality and appeal directly to the sinful side of our nature.

Going back to Halo and it’s various sequels.  The games are presented from a first-person perspective of a character in the midst of a war for survival against an alien onslaught bent on the eradication of humanity.  The outcome is bleak as humanity has been defeated almost entirely.  Is that any different than the state at which the world is currently – fallen and defeated at the hand of a demonic onslaught bent on our completely eradication?  Could it be that games like this don’t appeal to our blood lust, but rather our desire to be a “savior?”

God is triune, which means He exists as Father, Son, and Spirit simultaneously.  We are made in the image of God, thus the savior trait runs in us as much as it does Christ Himself.  I personally believe that it is this trait which drives men to dive on grenades in combat to save their fellow soldiers, for someone to dive in front of a moving car to shove a child out of the way, and drives us to indescribable feats of strength and stamina in order to save those in need.  Those acts are not human or random, but divinely inspired by the spark that God breathed into us at creation.

Could the appeal of such video game that place the character in a position to be “the savior” be that they appeal to this innate Godly trait?

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