Just a morsel for thought.  This verse has been on my mind this past weekend.
I am certain by now that most readers will have come to the conclusion that I am fairly conservative with a growing libertarian root system.  The more I ponder government’s role on Earth, and the more I consider the Truths laid out in the scriptures and restated in the Declaration of Independence the more I see the true subversiveness of it all.  Christ once stated that he came with the sword.  He wasn’t here to restore the world to it’s state post-creation, but to make war on the evil that had conquered it.

Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.

Matthew 22:21

Christ is speaking about taxes.  He had been questioned if paying taxes to Caesar was permissible under God’s law.  On it’s surface, a simple understanding seems to be the one that most people adhere to in that taxes are just a way of life and since governments were instituted amongst men and ordained by God then we should pay taxes. 

Consider if you will this.  Who made the universe?  Who made the very material that money is constructed of?  Who owns it all?  What then does Caesar own?



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  1. Deserved Wrath « freedomsbrushfire

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