Question That Must Be Asked

According to a Fox News Report today, was the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, and consulate personnel left to die on September 11, 2012?

Make up your own mind.

The attack lasted more than 7 hours spread between the Consulate and the CIA annex a mile away.

In Sigonella, Italy (which is on the island of Sicily), we have an naval air station where forward assets, including special operations teams, were ready to roll.  Sigonella is 467 miles from Benghazi.

In Aviano, Italy, we have an air base with advanced interceptors and strike fighters. Aviano is 1,039 miles from Benghazi.

In Trier, Germany, we have an air base with advanced interceptors and strike fighters. Trier is 1,403 miles from Benghazi.

An F-16 Fighting Falcon is capable of Mach 2+ flight (in excess of 1,350 MPH) and has a combat radius of 340 miles, which can be expanded indefinitely with in-flight refueling.  Aviano Air Force Base has squadrons of F-16s. Spangdahlem Air Force Base has squadrons of F-16s.

In the age of near-instant communication around the world, the information flowing back to DC from Libya would be received and hot-lined immediately.   On September 11, 2001, alert fighters were able to launch 21 minutes after the hijack notification was broadcast.  From Spangdahlem, the flight time at 1,000 MPH, which is far below the F-16’s top speed, would be about 85 minutes.  Allowing for mid-air refueling, let’s say 115 minutes.

The battle lasted 7 hours.  115 minutes plus the time to relay orders is still far less than 7 hours.

Why were orders to assist the men on the ground not issued?


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  1. Very good question. With air strikes you always have the potential for civilian casualties, which would not look good – election year. Special OPS is a distinct advantage, but unless you have credible intel, you could be sending them into a losing situation, making matters worse.

    • Based on the new storylines coming out over the weekend of an AC-130 (ground support aircraft armed with precision howitzers, miniguns, etc) and positive laser targeting of the mortar team that was attacking the compound, plus the “stand down” orders issued from the administration, and the area commanders relieved of duty during the attack, the rabbit hole is going so deep it’s getting creepy. Lots of rumblings coming out of the military on this… none of them good. On the “not sending them in without intel” front, my first reaction is not favorable – that’s what the SEALs and Delta train to do and that’s why we have drones, etc…

      Either way, this is bad – either our intel failed horribly or our administration did one of two things – could not make a decision in the face of an immediate crisis where one was necessary, or elected to leave those men to die purposefully for political reasons. Pick your poison.

  1. Intel « freedomsbrushfire

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