What You Live For

I am an avid Browns fan.  Note, I say avid, not rabid.  I do not go crazy about football, but I enjoy the game for what it is. I enjoy the cerebral aspects of the coach versus coach battle, plus the physicality of the game.  It is a game of absolutes, of black and white (and I don’t mean the referees).

This season, I have noticed a commercial that is played regularly during the games that has gotten my ire.  I have been unable to find it online, but the commercial is advertising NFL RedZone and has a catch phrase of “What you live for.”

Wow.   How easy is it for something to become an idol?

In this case, it was so front and center it was impossible to miss, but what else in our lives becomes something we “live for” because we don’t dare miss it or we interrupt our lives for it?

For you it might be sports, girls, cars… it can be your spouse, your children, your job, your hobby… it can be something as simple as reading.

If it becomes something you live for you have a problem my friend.  It is so tempting and easy to fall into that trap, because what you end up living for is not necessarily bad in and of itself.  That last part is very important.  What can be an idol for you is not in and of itself evil, in fact, it can be extremely good otherwise.

I think of all those fathers and mothers that dote on their children and rearrange their whole lives just for their little ones.  These parents put their children on a pedestal where they seemingly can do no wrong in their eyes.  This idolization is just as personally destructive as bowing down before a little statue in your closet every morning and night because you believe it is imbued with mystical powers or represents benevolent spirits.

It really ends up being no different than an addiction.  That’s what idolization becomes in the end.  Whether you gather to worship at the local watering hole or in the middle of the woods around a campfire while people chant, the end result is the same – you are reliant on your addiction for your well-being – you “live for it,” but the problem is that these idols… these substitutes for God are distractions at the best.

We all fall victim to it from time to time, but we need to responsible and wise enough to recognize them for what they are.  Pull back and put them behind you.

What do I live for?

I live for Christ.

Go Browns!

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