I was feeling a horrible case of writer’s block earlier today.  I had no clue what I wanted to write about or if I was going to put fingers to keys earlier.  I tossed around doing a Christmas post, but dismissed it for some reason.  Now I know why.

Today, an atrocity happened.  This morning in Newport, Connecticut, a 20 year man walked into the elementary school his mother worked at and opened fire, killing 27 at this point in time, 18 of which were students.  There are no words to help the grieving families.  Nothing I say, write, or do will bring their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, or children back to them.  Nothing.  A tremendous hole was ripped through the center of their chests and right now, it probably feels like the entire universe is crashing down on them.

I cannot help, but to mourn with them.  I don’t dare say that I understand why these lives were taken.  That is only for God to know.

Again, senseless violence has struck at a place thought safe.  Safety is a strange concept.  We all need it.  We crave the need to feel safe.  We lock our doors at night.  We wear seat belts while we drive.  Women marry men that are capable of providing them safety in some capacity.  Children look to their parents for safety when they are scared.

Events like this just serve to reinforce a fundamental reality of this world.  Safety is an illusion.  In the end, when the rubber meets the road.  When you find yourself staring down the barrel at evil incarnate, the illusion is shattered.  Evil will always find a way to shatter that illusion, because the only refuge, the only true safety is found in God, and by shattering that illusion, evil is trying to shatter your faith in the One True Refuge.

We won’t know the full story of what happened in Newport for days, but one thing I know for certain is that the only way to deter evil is to be ready to destroy it at all times.  Evil can not be bargained with, compromised with, or planned for.  Evil operates outside of the rules and serves only one purpose, to destroy your relationships with God and other people.

That is a mindset that is formed by a forging of the spirit and creating an unyielding determination.  It is a mind that within exists a very clear “line in the sand”.  A point at which you will act to defend yourself or another innocent person.  It is a mind that does not waver or hesitate.  It is a mind of action.   Winning a real fight requires controlled violence. You must be able to call up your “dragon” on demand and become a fierce feral creature instead of the domesticated human you have been raised to be. If you are not emotionally and psychologically prepared to physically destroy your adversary, then you need to reevaluate your true ability to defend yourself and loved ones.


Liberty and Lead

How would you act if you were a teacher at the school?  A passerby?  Perhaps a father dropping their children off at school?  You hear shots inside.  Screaming.  Quickly people start streaming out of the building and you realize there is a shooter inside massacring people.  The police aren’t there yet.

You must decide, now.

Do you enter the building?

Do you have the mental, physical, and spiritual fortitude to hunt down evil in the flesh?

Will you destroy it with whatever tools you have at your disposal – even at great personal danger?

Are you prepared to unleash that fierceness and feralness locked inside and domesticated by your life in illusory safety?

Do you trust that you are not truly going in alone and that by just taking that first step into the building by faith you will have God’s help every step of the way?

I don’t want to color this massacre as anything other than an awful atrocity, but until men are ready to stand in the gap to defend the safety of not only themselves and their families, but of others, than evil will continue to successfully shatter the hearts of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and children.

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  1. How very sad! I pray that those children knew the Lord. We all think we have time and that’s one thing that is not guaranteed in life.

  2. Whilst I personally have no religious belief, I have a sincere appreciation for all religions and their place in our global society.

    No human can find themselves not emotionally moved by the tragic events which have transpired and brought condemnation on the depravity which some of our species can sink too.

    That said, I am also heartened by the selfless heroic efforts which both the children and teachers demonstrated and whilst this should not overshadow the devastation which occurred, this courage should not be overlooked.

    In answer to your questions, I have no doubt that I would have stood up and been accounted for in such time of need. Nothing would have stopped me, except death, in seeking to eliminate such transgression, as I am sure every parent would feel the same way.

    My thoughts are with all of those effected by such monstrous acts. No words could possibly describe the hurt they must feel and I could not begin to create any pros which could bring solace at such a time. I can only express my deepest sorrow and sympathy and to say that I will have them at the forefront of mind for the foreseeable future.


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