I wish I had the time to put something like this together.  Karl Denninger has an excellent breakdown of the facts known about the Newtown, CT school shooting.  There is still much that is unknown, but the quick run down is…

The assailant was 20 years old.

The assailant killed his mother at home and stole her firearms – 1 semiautomatic rifle and 2 handguns (murder, theft, and illegal possession of a handgun underage).

The assailant took these firearms on to school property (felony violation of the Safe Schools Act).

He then proceeded to shatter a window to gain access to the building (breaking and entering).

At this point he went on his murderous rampage.

He had already committed at a minimum four crimes, three of which were felonies.

How is this different from the Oregon mall shooting just days prior?

There was no one able to stop the assailant in Newtown, but there was one in Oregon.  A man named Nick Meli ignored the “No guns allowed” signs at the Clackamas mall and maintained his concealed carry firearm with him inside the mall.  When he heard gunfire, he stopped the violence then and there without firing a shot.

Gun control advocates always blame the availability of guns for violence, but fail to consider that the street goes both ways.  In one scenario, untold numbers of lives were saved because one civilian out of hundreds was mentally prepared and physically armed at the scene of the attack.  In another, no one was armed and a psychopath was free to slaughter as many as he wanted.




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  1. Chris

     /  December 18, 2012

    No no no!! Absolutely wrong. This is the problem with gun proponents. They boil this kind of thing down to a simple “self defense” narrative. Having guns in the schools is not the answer. It’s not just the availability of guns but the necessary training and disposition to effectively use them that makes the difference. These were elementary school teachers, not police or soldiers. A teacher is not a warrior, nor should she be asked to be one. We divide these responsibilities for a reason. Stashing guns around schools would only make for more violence.

    • Chris, there is an axiom that I recall. The first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun. Having guns in the schools back before the Safe Schools Act of 1990 was more common. Taking a look at a timeline of every mass killing (four killings or more at one scene) that occurred at a school since the founding of the country, the first occurred in 1927. Notice I said killing before – the 1927 attack Bath, Michigan attack was done with a bomb that killed 38 people, and then a followup car bombing outside the school that killed another four.

      Nearly fifty years passed without another “mass killing.” The next such infamous event occurred at Kent State University where four students were killed by National Guard soldiers. The 1970s had a few mass killings, but again, weighed against the crime rate of the time, nothing abnormal. The more notable are Olean, New York in 1974, and the Fullerton State Massacre where a custodian opened fire in the university library.

      The next significant “mass incident” (thankfully because no one died except one of the attackers) occurred in 1986 where two forty year olds took 150 students and teachers hostage. They accidentally set off one of their bombs injuring about half of the hostages, but killing one of the attackers.

      The next major mass killings did not occur until the late 80’s and you start to see an uptick in the use of firearms and primarily in states that are not remotely considered to be gun-friendly states (California and Illinois).

      The 1990s saw a dramatic decrease in overall violence at schools, but a dramatic uptick in mass shootings that happened concurrently. West Paducah, Kentucky in 1997. Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1998. Columbine, Colorado in 1999.

      We then fast-forward again past 2000. Santana, California in 2001. Minnesota, 2005. Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania in 2006. Virginia Tech in 2007. Northern Illinois University in 2008. Chardon, Ohio in 2012. And lastly, Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

      Prior to 1990, each school district was allowed to decide if guns would be allowed on campus. Many schools had rifle teams. It used to be common to bring your own rifle to school to go target shooting afterward and yet, mass shootings did not happen on the whole. The presence of firearms was a non-issue.

      By your logic, a gun store or police station would be the most likely place to experience horrific violence at the drop of a pin.

      Is arming every teacher the answer? No, but allowing volunteer teachers to carry concealed would provide a deterrent effect or at the very least an immediate ability to respond in the event of an attack. Consider this – there have been no incidents of violence in the state of Utah since the legislature passed a law permitting teachers with concealed carry permits to carry their weapons in at school. Also consider this – neither has Israel since 1974 and they are surrounded by thousands of determined murderous terrorists hell bent on killing innocents within the state of Israel. Israeli teachers are allowed to carry sidearms. There has been one shooting (2001), but it was ended by an armed teacher with the only fatality being the attacker himself.

      So how does more guns in schools equal more crime again? The statistics seem to indicate that more guns mean fewer mass shootings. It works in theory and practice as I demonstrated above.

  2. Chris

     /  December 19, 2012

    It’s easier to buy a handgun than it is to buy a car. Maybe if that weren’t the case then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Guns don’t kill people? Sure they do. And so do the people who own them.

    • Cars are not constitutionally guaranteed; guns are. You can throw around such comparisons because cars are commonplace but on whole cars kill more people annually than guns.

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