When people panic, they make poor choices.  When police officers panic – people can die.

As I watch the drama unfold in southern California yesterday and today with a former LAPD officer on a tear of vengeance against those he feels wronged him, I can understand how those officers that are targeted must feel.  They feel vulnerable.

How earth-shaking it must be to feel so vulnerable.  One of their own turned against them.  What makes it worse is that he seems to be, at least in some capacity, fully “with it” in terms of planning and execution.  Usually people that engage with other armed and similarly trained individuals do not have much sanity left as the playing field is mostly level and the police force has the advantage of numbers and citizen alerts to help them close the noose around a suspect.

However, all of those advantages that the police have against a lawbreaker go out on proverbial window when one of their own takes those advantages and operates inside of their OODA loop.

That is why those police officers feel so vulnerable.  They don’t know who is next on this guy’s list. They don’t know where or when he will strike, because they simply can’t figure out where this guy is.  The end result – panic.  They fear for their lives – it’s completely understandable, but the problem is… when the police panic, innocent people suffer – in this case, from overly aggressive offensive force completely violating one of the cardinal rules of gun handling – be sure of your target.

I don’t know how valid this guy’s complaints are against his department, but he was pushed past his breaking point, seems to at least have his operational faculties still under control, and has shown to be highly competent and disciplined.  While I don’t agree with his manner of exacting vengeance, this scenario is interesting nonetheless.  A single man, with detailed knowledge, some tactical prowess and discipline has the entire state of California’s police forces in a panic.

Safety and security are an illusion preached by those that want to control your life.




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