Taking Action

It’s fairly common understanding that principles mean nothing unless you are willing to act on them.  In fact, the whole idea of principle-driven action was one of my motivating factors for starting to write here – it gave me not only an outlet, but a way to seed my thoughts and force myself to draw my own line in the sand.

For instance, I never really knew where my line in the sand was regarding gun control legislation.  I always thought that I would just know when it had been crossed before, but now I have a concrete line – registration.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have one, it was just that it became clear to me when I forced myself to write one down that I needed to justify it in my own mind and according to my own principles.

So in accordance with principle-driven action, I’ve decided to take on a new mantle in defense of liberty and to combat tyranny on all fronts.  Control-minded politicians and authorities absolutely loathe self-reliant men and women who are willing and ABLE to defend their God-given rights and personal sovereignty.  I am going to start stretching out to friends and family that I know who are either unfamiliar with firearms or have yet to procure one and start trying to bend their ear so that they can not only come to grips with the political environment developing around them, but make a better informed decision regarding their own personal decision to own or not own a firearm.  What’s absolutely beautiful about it is that I can even tout the famous gun control mantra as I do it… if it saves just one life.



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