Why Does Jesus’ Death & Ressurection Equal My Salvation & Are Christians Still ‘Under The Old Testament LAW’?

This is a great breakdown of “The Law” coupled with He who fulfilled it. Christ did not come to abolish the law. The Law continues to bind us on this Earth, but Christ’s perfect fulfillment of the law transcends to those that proclaim His name and the just and fair punishment for our failure to live up to the law was volunteered for in His sacrifice. God is Just. There must be punishment for the violation of the law, and Christ stood up for you and said “I have paid the debt.”

That is true freedom.

Short Little Rebel

Humans most certainly do still live under ‘The Law’! Many people completely misunderstand Apostle Paul’s letters stating that ‘The Law’ brings death and that only through Christ’s grace can we be saved.  They believe that this means that the entire Old Testament is no longer ‘valid’.  Nothing could be more false!  Although the Law of Moses condemns us, it doesn’t mean the Law is wrong or that it is now invalid.  The law simply points out the blaring fact that we are utter failures- fully sinful failures!  We, through all our efforts can never meet the requirements of the law.  That is the lesson it teaches us!  But God’s law still stands- convicting every person to this day.  That is why we are so joyful to have Jesus’ great gift of salvation!

Now that I have your attention, let me say this:  the phrase, “The Law is Dead” is yet…

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