The Raw Hairy Edge

A hypothetical pulled from the headlines today.

Three individuals of criminal intent to decide to cause mass havoc and destruction.  They find a way to set fire and then detonate a fertilizer plant as a gigantic bomb in place.  The detonation was delayed though to draw in emergency personnel like firefighters, paramedics, and police to the scene and to cause mass casualties amongst that group.  Suddenly, the town you live in is awash in flames, with over half of the structures damaged or destroyed (almost as if a nuclear warhead had gone off over the town), and dozens if not hundreds dead.

Now that by itself is bad enough, but now, that same threesome that set the fire in the first place launches a Mumbai-style attack and begins attacking the survivors at the triage tents, the government-selected shelters, and in public places.  They’re wearing Kevlar vests and working as a fire team rather than as separate lone wolves.  To make things more complicated, that same cell also has explosives and rocket-propelled grenades smuggled across the Mexican border.  With the police unable to form a perimeter around the attacks and the lone attempts to stop them due to active shooter protocol has ended tragically despite the heroic attempts by the officers counterattacking in ones and two, the department is quickly approaching a status of combat ineffective (51% dead or wounded).  Those remaining officers are the slower, older ones, that probably should be retired by now, but are still around because of union rules that mandated the younger, less experienced officers, would be laid off due to budget cuts before the more senior ones.

You are cut off, and your police force is not meant to fight such a determined attack, especially in the aftermath of the plant sabotage that injured a number of their officers.

To add to your issues, you live in state where democrats voted to ban assault weapons and magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds.  Your politicians told you that weapons of war did not belong on your city streets.

Good luck Charlie.



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