Outrage and Thanks

In the darkest moments of life on this ball of dust, we can find moments to be thankful for to our Creator.

I am outraged that the value of life means so little that the alleged parent (they are not worthy of the respect that “mother” and “father” entail) actually dropped their helpless newborn down a toilet.

I am outraged that the entire world considers this child to be a miracle baby since it survived this attempt at postnatal abortion, but had the mother walked into a Chinese hospital weeks earlier and requested an abortion, she would have been granted one without question per that country’s reproductive limitations and dictates.

What significant moral leap must occur to assign miracle status to a baby just a few weeks older, still attached to the placenta, merely because it refused to die when it’s biological material co-donor decided that they didn’t want him?  Was the parent not just enacting their right to choose after the fact rather than before like abortionists encourage?

Thank God for small miracles – especially the kind that way 6.2 lbs, have black hair, and a little button nose.  Maybe little “59” will spur China to step away from their draconian policies which are causing this horrible degradation of the value of human life in their country.




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