Marriage Trends

Interesting… about a third of all marriages now are between people who have met each other on the internet.  What is even more interesting is that those marriages are also more likely to succeed and have a significantly smaller change of breakup and divorce.  I’m not sure what to take from this yet, but just a few thoughts and things to ponder.

Are people that go online to meet people more likely to develop a more meaningful level of conversation and understanding of who the person is from the beginning rather than trying to do so while in “puppy dog love” with an attractive person that they met through conventional means?

I think there is a greater emphasis on compatibility of personalities because of the medium.  There are millions of possible mates online instead of the few dozen you might have a chance to meet at a bar, club, or some other social event.  There is a need to cultivate a good “brand” for yourself and to really put your best foot forward, and to appreciate what the other person brings to the table on more than a visceral level.

It is easy for marriage minded people to weed out the people just looking to hook up and to prevent wasted time.  This leads to a growing marketplace for online dating, or rather, courting in a more traditional sense as the end goal for both participants in the spawned relationships are more likely to be one and the same rather than mismatched as often is the case in the less-than-candid conventional dating world.



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