Government Shutdown: Day 3

In light of the continuing government shutdown, I am continuing my fledgling series on agencies impacted by the shutdown.  Today… the Environmental Protection Agency.

I feel sorry for the hapless employees of the EPA as 94% of them have been declared nonessential, which means that the EPA has effectively put up the “Closed” sign for the duration.  Mind you, if you read me often, you probably know that I won’t exactly shed tears at this revelation, but I would like to continue providing a public service… so in light of today’s focus and in order to alleviate the pain and suffering the drastic and personal pain each of us must be feeling as a result of this shutdown, I am providing some tips on how to help protect your own personal environment.

  1. Prevent energy leaks at home
  2. Lower your thermostat
  3. Change your light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs
  4. Get a new water saving shower head
  5. One word – COMPOST!
  6. Water your garden
  7. Plant trees
  8. “Go Organic!”
  9. Use a manual lawn mower

Seriously? We pay these people for this crap… errr, compost?

How about we just try out the old Boy Scout tip regarding conservation – leave it like you found it.  Pick up after yourself and leave no trace behind other than your footprints.

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