Gone Concern

Gone concern?  Really?

Cypriot banks bailed-in segregated customer deposits (PERSONAL CHECKING AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS) in order to recapitalize (restore their own empty accounts) a while back. 

Now the Federal Reserve is encouraging and expecting the largest US banks (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, General Electric Capital which operates as Ally Bank, US Bank, and many of the other “too-big-to-fail” banks) to adopt policies and procedures that would enable them to do just that to every account-holder. 

The problem is that the only people that will be impacted by such a bail-in will be people with money in the bank –  middle and high income people.  This is an involuntary forced capitalization wherein we will be forced, by keeping funds in these accounts, to buy long-term bonds in exchange for this liquid capital during the next financial crisis.  The “house” is gambling with their own money and wants to use your money to cover their losses not if but when they occur. 

You will get no say.  They will freeze your account so you can’t withdraw any of your available funds just as in Cyprus.

You will get no vote.  This decision will occur by politically-connected people who will be given political cover since these banks are supposedly too big to fail.

You will get no recourse.  The powers that be will claim that you have been made whole with the long term bonds now in your name supposedly.

This is insanity. 

This is fascism.

No consider this.  The rule of law is an illusion.  The illusion only exists as long as the law-abiding presume the law-givers to be lawful people.  Once that illusion falls, and if this ever happens, it will, then the law-abiding no longer have to abide by the social contract, and unlike Cyprus this nation is armed to the teeth.


Gun Free Zones

Yesterday, a landmark judicial opinion was issued by a US District Court judge in Denver, Colorado.  The judge declined a motion for summary judgment by Cinemark Theaters over the infamous Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre years ago. 

If you recall, that theater prohibited legal concealed or open carry of firearms except by uniformed police officers by posting a prohibition on firearms.  This is not anything new or rare.  Nearly every mass shooting to occur (where more than 3 people not necessarily related are killed by gunfire in one location) has happened in a location where firearms are generally prohibited. 

That fact was not lost on the judge when it was ruled that Cinemark can be held liable for not providing ample security for it’s “sitting duck” patrons. 

How differently would business owners feel toward lawful open and concealed carry if every location that posted a “no guns” sign would be held liable for any injury or death that occurred on their premises due to a violent encounter by another individual? 

When you, as a property owner, insist that someone else either consciously trespass on your property by continuing to carry against your personal policies, or rather, those of your insurance company, or put their life in your hands by forcing them to surrender the most effective means of self-defense held by the general public in modern times, it is you who are immoral for foisting such a Faustian bargain on them.

You may say, “just shop somewhere else,” but perhaps you work for a company that requires it.  Should you surrender your livelihood or be forced to put your life in the hands of a company that doesn’t take employee safety and security as importantly as it puts data protection or the bottom line?  Should the doctor who stopped a murderous rampage have left his gun in his car in the parking lot rather than keeping it with him in the firearms-prohibited hospital?  If he hadn’t disobeyed a stupid policy, he would likely be dead, and many more in addition.

As a business owner, when you ask your patrons to lay down their God-given right to life (and defense thereof), in order to conduct business with you, you are acting immorally and unethically and it’s about time that someone finally called them on it.  This will be a lesson learned the hard way unfortunately as we have witnessed shooting after shooting in these firearms-prohibited locales and will continue to do so until they are eliminated entirely.

No More Excuses

Looting.  Rioting.  Arson.  Assault with Intent to Kill a Peace Officer.

These and many other things are occurring nightly in Ferguson, Missouri.  I understand the desire for justice and how the reluctance of police to release everything they know as they know it can feed into our imagination’s need to fill-in-the-blanks with our own prejudices.

18 year old man, 6’4″, 300 lbs, lies dead in the street of multiple gun shot wounds.  A police officer admits pulling the trigger and claims it was in self-defense.  It just happens that the dead man is black and the police officer is white.  A thorough crime scene investigation is conducted at the scene of the shooting and then the rumors begin (thanks to another 18 year old man who happened to be at the scene – more on him in a minute).

The white cop had it out for the black guy.  Racism! 

He executed him!

And that’s how the ball got rolling.  Our imaginations are powerful things.  When we don’t know the full story, we can imagine many plausible instances to fill-in-the-blanks of what we don’t know.  This is how conspiracy theories begin. 

I will admit that I understand the desire for justice. I want justice in every instance.

If the officer did in fact act wrongly – either by escalating a normal confrontation unnecessarily or by acting in malice, then he deserves to face a judge and jury.  However, if the officer acted correctly in defense of his life against a larger, aggressive man bull-rushing him after fighting him moments earlier, then his use of lethal force to end a threat to his life is fully justified under the color of law.   You see, more facts have come out since the initial few days that further complicate this situation for the deceased. 

He was walking home after roughing up a shop clerk of a local convenience store after stealing a box of Swisher Sweets (thin cigars used to conceal marijuana and allow it to be smoked in public as “blunts” with plausible deniability).  What began as shoplifting turned into robbery when he was confronted and physically assaulted the shop clerk.  He then began walking home in the middle of the street, evidence of his crime in hand, with his accomplice (the aforementioned man above).  They were acting in a manner that obstructed traffic and in a manner that could cause a traffic accident that would harm someone else or themselves by walking down the middle of the street. 

While the officer involved had not yet heard of the robbery moments before, these two individuals had no way of knowing that.  The deceased likely believed that he was about to be arrested for his crime.  As a thoughtful person, consider that the deceased may have decided in that moment to resist arrest thinking himself larger and stronger and able to do to the smaller officer what he had down to the shop clerk moments before.  That mindset could have been the primary cause of everything that then occurred culminating in the gunshots fired that ended the incident.

The situation has been used by race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to further highlight their purported platforms and to keep themselves relevant in the eyes of the nation.  The situation has been exacerbated by the national news media through endless reporting, speculation, and glamorization of violent acts through their broadcasts of such to the world.  The situation has been used by anarchists, criminals, and looters in order to provide cover for their actions within Ferguson.  Buildings have been burned to the ground.  People have been shot.  The police have suffered repeated assaults via bottles, rocks, molotov cocktails, and many other forms of abuse. 

And the politicians, legal authorities, and law enforcement officers in charge have excused this behavior by saying that there are rifts in the community that have been exposed by this situation.

What?  Let me explain.

I am not going to render judgment on the officer or the deceased actions and neither should anyone without all of the facts, yet the calls for justice have been used as an excuse for illegal, harmful behavior and that has highlighted the bigger problem that has been exposed in this instance.

What is white guilt?  White guilt is the faulty belief that white people, regardless of their economic circumstances, have more privileges due to their skin color.  This belief, paired with the equally race-based belief that black people have less privileges and are subject to greater fear, scrutiny, and suspicion in every instance when compared with someone with a paler skin tone, have led many to pardon the behavior of the protestors and rioters in Ferguson.  Those beliefs though are far more insidious than that.  These beliefs permeate the very fabric of society from race-preferential college selection, scholarships, government employment applications, and general societal attitudes toward African-Americans. 

Are we so racist to believe that blacks cannot pull themselves up on their own?  Are they inferior to whites or other skin tones because they happen to be a darker shade?  Are we doing African-Americans any favors by saying that they only have to be 75% as good as whites in order to get a job or get into college?  Are we promoting cultural evolution or are we segmenting that portion of the population and giving them an excuse to not improve by rewarding below-average behavior? 

Were Italians given an excuse for mafia behavior in the early 20th century?  They had just emigrated from Italy due to the Italian Civil War. 

Were the Irish given an excuse for their drunkenness and brawling after having fled Ireland due to a terrible famine and centuries of British occupation?

I could go on and on asking the same question of every race, creed, and color of people that has come to the shores of America.  Chinese?  Japanese?  Arabs?  Vietnamese?   Every type of person regardless of color, nationality, or religion has faced discrimination in these United States.  We are not perfect, but we always are seeking to improve in order to forge a more perfect union.  Until the press for affirmative action and the lowering of standards for blacks, the impetus to strive for better was there for that entire community, but in an effort to socially engineer full integration due to the falsehood that is white guilt our society has told the entire black community that they are not good enough or smart enough to “make it” without our help. 

I will say it again – because of a perceived advantage by whites over blacks within our society, whites have had pity on blacks and lowered the standards that are expected of everyone else in order for this class of people because it’s supposedly impossible for them to do anything with their lives without a subsidized advantage.

That is racist and it must stop right this very minute or we will never kill and bury racism within our society.

The excuses that white America makes enables the behaviors that led to the rioting in Ferguson and it generates a standard below that which the average American is expected to meet. 

Until we encourage a truly level playing field where all are equally expected to behave there will be no justice because the black community will not clean itself up.  Without an incentive to do better, why should they?

It worked pretty damn well for the Irish-Americans, German-Americans, Italian-Americans, Greek-Americans, Hungarian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Lebanese-Americans, Syrian-Americans, Korean-Americans, and Cuban-Americans.  Every group faces prejudice and setbacks, but rose to the challenge presented by this country to contribute greatly and become part of the whole because our standards for them were not lowered.  It is time to do the same and it should start in Ferguson.


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