I think one of the things that people would say about me is that I am a passionate person.

I am passionate about sports.  I love competition and the push and pull of a hard-fought football, basketball, or baseball game.  I love the thrill of victory snatched from the jaws of defeat – the buzzer beater in basketball, the successful Hail Mary pass in football, or the bottom of the ninth bases loaded hit to score the winning run.

I am passionate about my country.  I grew up with a deep understanding of freedom and the sacrifices in the past in order to win those liberties and the ongoing sacrifices necessary in maintenance of them.  I look at those men and women who have sacrificed limbs, years of their lives, families in some cases, friends, careers, and lives in maintenance of those liberties and freedoms.

I am passionate about my family.  I deeply love my wife, more than I could ever express in words. I cherish everything that she does and sacrifices for me and my sons.  I watch earnestly as they learn new things and hunger for new experiences and share their excitement in going out to tackle those experiences together.

I am passionate about truth.  The mission statement and purpose for this collection of writings is part of my passion, which is to share the unvarnished truth.  I mix in my opinion, but always with an eye on the truth of the matter.  Whether a million people happen to read my words or not doesn’t matter – the truth on it’s own is justification enough for me to expend my energy in this endeavor.

I am passionate about my God.  I wish I could say that I was the perfect follower of Christ and always place Him at the center of my life.  I try, but it is so easy to get out of balance.  It is so easy to put other things in the center of my life, even for just a moment, but as I have gained more perspective in life it has become easier to realize that my motivations, my focus, my hub are out of whack.  This perspective has given me the ability to go to God to re-centralize my focus on Him.  I don’t get it right all the time, but I know that He has already forgiven me for those moments.

That’s really the crux of passion if you think about it.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

God, one and the same as Christ and the Spirit, is eternal, infinite love.  The triune nature of God is one of love and passion.  The God of the universe loved the Son infinitely.  The God of the universe loved the world, mankind, so much that He asked Christ, the Son, to die and suffer separation from the triune bond, even if only for three infinitesimal days from His perspective.

What passion.

How much passion must you have to ask your SON to die?

How much passion must you have to respond, as Christ did, by doing so?

To lay down His crown and authority for us?

I believe from the core of my being that He hung on the cross and rose after three days in the grave, yet I have a hard time grasping that amount of love and passion.  I want to desperately.

I could be ruled by my own passions… I could chase the desires of my flesh – sex, food, wealth, vanity, pleasures of every kind, but they do not fulfill me.  They fail to satisfy me, and leave me wanting more and more.  Instead of inspiring me, they ensnare me in an endless cycle of trying to gain my next “hit.”

I choose to be ruled by His passion.  As I want more and more, He freely gives of His own passion.

I know a lot of people who would ascribe to me the passions I listed above, amongst others, but what I desperately want people to see is that my passion in life is not my own, but His.

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