End the Insanity (Gun Free Zones)

Edmund, Oklahoma. Stockton, California. Killeen, Texas. Iowa City, Iowa. Olivehurst, California. San Francisco, California. Garden City, New York. Jonesboro, Arkansas. Columbine, Colorado. Fort Worth, Texas. Honolulu, Hawaii. Santee, California. Tucson, Arizona. Meridian, Mississippi. Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota. Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. Blacksburg, Virginia. Omaha, Nebraska. Dekalb, Illinois. Binghamton, New York. Fort Hood, Texas. Huntsville, Alabama. Seal Beach, California. Oakland, California.  Aurora, Colorado.  Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  Newtown, Connecticut. Santa Monica, California. Washington, D.C. Fort Hood, Texas (again). Isla Vista, California. Charleston, South Carolina. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I’m sure you’ve heard of these places… they are all cities that played host to a mass shooting, an active shooter, or a Jihadi attack.  Hundreds dead and wounded when you sum them up.

Causation is hard to predict for each of these as motives differ as wildly as criminal insanity to Islamic extremism with a smattering of perceived revenge motives mixed in too.  There is one correlation that MUST be drawn from the proliferation of mass shootings.

In each case above, the lawful carrying of firearms by law abiding citizens were banned in such locations either by federal or state law (universities, schools, churches, military installations), or by prohibition by business owners (the ubiquitous “No Guns” sign).

There is no denying the simple truth that the overwhelming majority of these shootings are perpetrated specifically in locations where immediate armed self-defense is not available to the true first responders – the victims.

Any property owner or lawmaker that fails to account for this nearly universal correlating factor is being criminally negligent by prohibiting a fundamental human right – that of self-defense.

Gun Free Zones

Yesterday, a landmark judicial opinion was issued by a US District Court judge in Denver, Colorado.  The judge declined a motion for summary judgment by Cinemark Theaters over the infamous Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre years ago. 

If you recall, that theater prohibited legal concealed or open carry of firearms except by uniformed police officers by posting a prohibition on firearms.  This is not anything new or rare.  Nearly every mass shooting to occur (where more than 3 people not necessarily related are killed by gunfire in one location) has happened in a location where firearms are generally prohibited. 

That fact was not lost on the judge when it was ruled that Cinemark can be held liable for not providing ample security for it’s “sitting duck” patrons. 

How differently would business owners feel toward lawful open and concealed carry if every location that posted a “no guns” sign would be held liable for any injury or death that occurred on their premises due to a violent encounter by another individual? 

When you, as a property owner, insist that someone else either consciously trespass on your property by continuing to carry against your personal policies, or rather, those of your insurance company, or put their life in your hands by forcing them to surrender the most effective means of self-defense held by the general public in modern times, it is you who are immoral for foisting such a Faustian bargain on them.

You may say, “just shop somewhere else,” but perhaps you work for a company that requires it.  Should you surrender your livelihood or be forced to put your life in the hands of a company that doesn’t take employee safety and security as importantly as it puts data protection or the bottom line?  Should the doctor who stopped a murderous rampage have left his gun in his car in the parking lot rather than keeping it with him in the firearms-prohibited hospital?  If he hadn’t disobeyed a stupid policy, he would likely be dead, and many more in addition.

As a business owner, when you ask your patrons to lay down their God-given right to life (and defense thereof), in order to conduct business with you, you are acting immorally and unethically and it’s about time that someone finally called them on it.  This will be a lesson learned the hard way unfortunately as we have witnessed shooting after shooting in these firearms-prohibited locales and will continue to do so until they are eliminated entirely.


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