Defenseless Victim Zones

I ran across a statistical analysis done of gun free zones efficiency.  Concealed carry advocates no longer need to rely on hyperbole or semi-rational arguments without data to back up their summarizing statements.  This is a great read by Michael Menkus.

The simple fact of the matter is that police, fire, paramedics are SECOND responders, not first responders.  You are the first responder (or the first victim).  You are the one on scene when the shooting starts, the fire ignites, or the 70 year old man in front of you collapses to his knees clutching his chest and sweating buckets.

It’s not that police, firefighters, and paramedics aren’t sacrificial men and women doing a terribly difficult job day in and out, but the simple fact of the matter is that they are your backup, not your first line of defense or aide.

While you wait for them to arrive to help, whether they are one minute or twenty minutes away, you have to stay alive while you wait or keep someone else alive if you can.

stuff happens

Are you prepared to put down an active shooter at your work?  your school? your church?

Are you prepared to charge into a raging inferno with a fire extinguisher in order to hold back the flames and give others time to flee a burning building?

Are you prepared to clamp down on an arterial bleed with nothing but your hand?  Are you prepared to use your belt as a tourniquet to a coworker that just lost his hand in a high speed lathe?  Are you prepared to dive into a swimming pool and pull out your neighbor’s kid after they cracked their head on the diving board an fell in unconscious?

Do you think I’m being extreme?

What did Christ Himself say was the second-most important command of God?

To love your neighbor as yourself.

How can you say you love your neighbor if you won’t run to their aide in their moment of greatest need?

YOU are the first responder.  The lives of your family, your friends, your coworkers, even strangers walking down the street depend on you being ready and able to come to their aide immediately and not by calling 911, but by rolling up your sleeves and diving into the fray.

If you wait for the backup to arrive, people WILL die.

This former Boy Scout still believes and lives the Scout motto “Be Prepared.”  Do you?

plan B






Sometimes there are situations in life where the solution to the problem at hand is much easier to comprehend if you have a certain perspective.  I don’t want to Monday morning quarterback every little thing that happens in life, but frankly, sometimes there is so little common sense anymore in society that it becomes necessary.

In Pittsburgh, a toddler was mauled to death in a zoo exhibit after falling in.  There is a lot that happened here which if done differently would’ve prevented the situation from ever unfolding.  I want to look at what happened after because evil will happen in this life.  You cannot shield yourself or your children from it.

Looking back at my post about Duty I feel like I need to say things another way.  As a father, my job is to protect my children.  My duty is to them.  If either of my sons were in the same situation, I would be failing to discharge my duty to them if I did not immediately jump into the pit and fight those dogs to protect my son, even if it meant holding his body under my own to provide myself as a shield for them.

As an onlooker, what duty do I have though?  In the post I mentioned above, I said that I would come to someone else’s aide in terrible circumstances, not because I know them or care for them, but because it is the morally right thing to do as a man.  To throw yourself into the maw of death and hold it open long enough for innocent life to be plucked from it’s grasp is about as Christ-like as one can hope to be in a crisis.  In these situations, you must be willing to sacrifice your perceived safety, rush into the fray and hopefully save a life.

Ultimately, I have no duty to that other person in today’s culture.  I would not be looked at differently for failing to act.  We have become so insulated from each other that we fail to recognize our fellow men and women as potential brothers in Christ whom we are called to love and honor as blood relatives.

So what should someone do in those circumstances?  If you saw someone’s child fall into that pit, would you act?  Would you run to their rescue or would you stand by an abject horror?

Rescue those being led away to death;
    hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

Proverbs 24:11

People need to wake up and stop waiting for someone else to help.  You are that someone else.  Draw your sword, take up your shield, and go fight for your fellow man.  By your example you might inspire a lost soul to find Christ.

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