Would you violate a gag order to save your child’s life?

A family has been ordered by a court of law that they are not allowed to even speak with their daughter after the hospital effectively kidnapped the child.  The government is in bed with the hospital and the hospital is in bed with the government in this case.  The family only could turn to the media in spite of (in my opinion) an unethical gag order.

The family has essentially bankrupted by this as they fight not just the hospital, but the government.  The father and mother’s responsibility is to their child, it is their right to care for and advocate for their child, to FIGHT for their child.  When the hospital and government deny them that right and responsibility there is no greater tyranny.

The father now faces a contempt of court charge for violating the gag order…. they have no money… and their child’s life is in danger for more reasons than I can adequately explain here.  As a father, in his shoes, with nothing more to lose… contempt of court is nothing to fear.

If God the Father was willing to send His Son to the cross to die an excruciating death and temporal separation from the communion with the Father and Spirit, then we as fathers must be willing to go through hell and back for our children if necessary.






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